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Sugar effects on health you should know

Sugar effects on your health-

Diabetes –
Recently, researchers trusted that obesity was the main reason of diabetes, not sugar However, new research has displayed that sugar effects have a contributory role to diabetes, beyond simply the calories that It contains. An Increase of roughly one can of soda per day was associated with a 1.1% Increase in diabetes prevalence.

In a 2012 Australian study, children who drank more than half a liter of soft drinks per day were significantly more likely to suffer from asthma or COPD. The eater the consumption of soft drinks, the more likely an individual is to suffer from one of these respiratory conditions.

Imbalanced gut flora-
Research shows that switching to a high-sugar diet can alter the composition of your gut flora within 24 hours. Imbalances in low gut flora can weaken immunity impair digestion, increase Inflammation, and much more.

Increased risk of cancer-
Sugar consumption has been linked to increased risk for ovarian cancer 19), esophageal cancer 1101 and endometrial cancer among others. Sugar also leads to obesity, which has been linked to a longer lest of cancers.

Faster Aging-
It has long been known that diabetics age faster than other people. Excess blood sugar generally leads to glycation, when sugar binds with amino acid molecules. The resulting ‘advanced glycation end products’ prematurely age our skin, and are a factor Ni many age-related diseases.

Impaired learning and memory-
A study of UCLA shows that a diet high in fructose can impair the ability to learn
and remember. This Is specifically concerning given the consumption of high-fructose corn syn. A diet rich in omega-3 can reduce the damage.

Tooth decay-
The link between sugar and tooth decay is well-established. There Is also significant evidence that maintaining your intake of growth sugars at below 5% of your diet will help to avoid cavities.

Heart disease-
A study of 2014 examined sugar consumption and heart disease. Those individuals who consumed 25% of their calories in the form of sugar were found to get double the risk of heart disease vs those whose intake was 7%.

Studies in both adults arid children have displayed a link between sugar-sweetened beverages and weight gain In 2014 the Obesity Center revised its guidance and recommended that L’ children minimize their intake of these drinks.

Higher cholesterol-
An analyst at Emory University found that increased sugar consumption increased several risk factors for heart disease, including the amount of LDL cholesterol and the ratio between LDI (‘bad’) cholesterol and MDI (‘goocr) cholesterol.

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