Natural headache remedy with ice pack


Ice pack is good nature of headache remedy. Make a little ice pack and keep it on your forehead for some time to improve blood cycle. Take ice into towel wrapping them tightly. Cold ice relieves nerve disorder. Sometimes your headache is formed from dehydration while you need sooth with cold water.

Lemon-Juice as headache remedy-

Lemon is powerful and effective juicy fruit contains vitamin C. It has a refreshing power that maintains toxin clearance from the body. Squeeze one-half lemon and pour it into a glass with fresh water. Your full glass will be natural remedy against head pain.

Meditation for headache remedy-

Sit down at silent and airy place for just an hour keeping your eyes closed. Make sure you are breathing well and do it at least 10 minutes. Think your loved one best suits your ideas in your life. Or just go to your own world to finalizing your determined goal you have never gained. Researchers have found there are many ways engaging into mediating for the everyday basis. It gives you a life you have never before.

Massage neck-

Massaging neck for some time may sooth you for a long time.  Doing massage just 7 days your neck muscle will be relaxed and keep you away from intolerable head pain.

Go out for walking-

Everyday go out for walking reduce extra stress and pressure. Think while you are walking outside you are doing something great for yourself. Pay attention to you while you keeping your walking on pace. It is known to all walking surely frees from extra stress. Blood cycle largely depends on your everyday walking.

Eat Apple-

Doctors usually say eating an apple every day that can keep you away from diseases. Apple smell has miracle power to ease up migraine pain. It preserves acid alkaline at balance mood into a body. Leaving off the bed just take an apple and drink warm water. 2 teaspoons of apple juice add to your full glass of water. Now you may add honey-drop and lemon juice into the water. If you feel an intolerable headache every day, drink 3 times in a day and do it continuously for just 7 days.


Almonds are called high magnesium and protein nut food that preserves extra energy for future use. It cures head pain for mainly 2 reasons. Its great magnesium power keeps blood vessels normal. Secondly, it contains Salicin ingredient that is call pain reliever.

Get Hydrated –

You can take sugary drinks and alcohol to leave a killer head pain. Lack of enough water can create a headache so to be headache-free, also take watery fruits and veggies that have a water content over 90 percent.


Use pepper into how water and keep it for 5 minutes. Now you have a natural remedy at home. Its anti-bacterial ingredients help release head pain naturally. Use moist water-pepper mix into nostrils until you get free from pain. It is recommended that you don’t have to use it more than 10 minutes.

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