knowledge of Earthing

# What is it?

Earthing, or Grounding, refers to the simple practice of absorbing the Earth’s natural energy charge through direct physical contact with its surface. Grounding is vital, organic, instinctive, effortless, and safe. Put simply, it’s health and wellness in its most basic and natural form.

# What does it do?

In short, Earthing recovers and maintains the human body’s most of natural electrical state, which in turn develops optimum health and functionality’ in daily life.

# Is it a new concept?

Do, we have been practicing Earthing since our existence. It’s only recently  that we have disconnected ourselves from the Earth’s natural energy.

# Why is it Important?

The Earth’s surface is constantly brimming with an endless supply of negatively charged electrons, a fully charged bio-battery if you will. As electrical beings, our bodies are tuned to work in conjunction with the Earth’s charge, and the abundant antioxidant & free radical neutralizing electrons it supplies. Living organisms need that all-important connection to maintain our bodies at the same negatively charged potential as the Earth.

#  How do you connect ?

Easy reestablishing bioelectrical contact with the earth is as simple as stepping outside barefoot.

# Where to connect?

Grass Soil Brick S Terracotta , Sand Stone, Rock, & Gravel Tile Concrete & Cement Bodies of Water.

# What prevents connection ?

Typically, most building materials insulate us from the Earth and prevent the transfer of its surface energy; even the shoes we wear create barriers.

# How Often ?

More is always better, But at last 30-45 min per day will go a long way to getting Grounded.

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