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Healthy and glowing skin fruit


Skin-care fully depends on some natural care on a daily basis. It is one kind of habits or addictions for both men and women to care skin for a better outlook. Skin care for both men and women has great choice suing some natural elements in daily life. Naturally grown fruits are better skin care agents that would help make shining skin. Some fruits are available for healthy  skin . Know about some healthy and glowing skin fruit –

  1. Papaya as skin fruit –

Papaya is widely used to make skin care products such as lotion, cream, Facial-pack, soap, cleanser etc. Using papaya facial at night affects skin glow naturally. It exfoliates dead cells, keeps aging sign away, moisturizes dry skin, makes invisible acne pores, removes black and white head and makes a shiny skin.

  1. Citrus-

Citrus is like lemon, grapefruit and orange contain vitamin-C for healthy skin care. Its natural cleanser reduces acne marks, dark spot and also whitens your skin. Citrus has great cleaning property to remove skin pores that are considered by many dermatologists to a balanced skin. Citrus juice you may apply 3-4 times in a week.

  1. Watermelon-

Watermelon is considered best skin care item for its juice and fluid that extensively care your skin. Its vitamin-C, vitamin-A and anti-aging property make radiant skin outlook. Watermelon is most favored worldwide to remove wrinkles and dark spots.

  1. Tomato as skin fruit 

Tomato contains rich amount of antioxidant that eliminates aging spots, dark spots, wrinkles, acne pores, blackheads, and white heads. Its 0.54mg vitamin-E extensively cares skin health if you use 3 or 4 times in a week.

  1. Peppers-

Peppers contain a rich volume of capsaicin and antioxidants that remove toxin from your skin also promote blood circulation into skin.

  1. Avocado-

Avocado is one of the best fruits that contains vitamin A, C and E. These elements surely make skin glowing and moisturized. Eating 2 times in a week would ensure skin glow for its basic minerals.

  1. Apple-

Apple contains fiber content that helps promote sun-damage and make skin free of a pimple. Take an apple every day would keep you away if you suffer from skin problems such as blackheads, wrinkles or pimples.

  1. Coconut-

Coconut has great oily content help promote skin health internally and externally. Its oil content fight against sun-damaged skin prevents skin cancer. Coconut oil can soften skin composition.

  1. Lemon-

Lemon is best known as a cleaner element for skin care. Its vitamin-C and antioxidant make fresh skin and also removes any type of skin spots on your skin as for example dark spot, blackheads, wrinkles, freckles.

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