Fast and healthy breakfast foods

breakfast foods

Morning is beginning time of your day. It is very important that you are starting your day with some good foods. Your healthy breakfast foods can pace your all day long a refreshed time. Go-to food menu should be healthy and fresh. First meal in the morning carries your day long freshness. Healthy breakfast prevents your fatigue and tiredness that result in to concentrate on works outside.

Some breakfast foods are suggested below:


Banana is one of the high energy foods for your breakfast meal. Its carbohydrate absorbed in your body easily. It contains high volume potassium that builds up your body muscle and improves nerve system. Deficiency of necessary potassium may result in you muscle pain, slow response from nerve system and more fatigue. Now banana can eliminate these symptoms for natural care.

Spinach and vegetable as breakfast foods:

Vegetables are called best food for human’s fiber need. If your fiber intake becomes normal you are fit for daily living. Spinach is magnesium and mineral based foods that fill out minimum 250 mg of women’s daily needs. Magnesium transforms carbohydrate into energy to build up muscle. It meets the demand of higher level of magnesium and carbohydrates.


Eggs are one of the healthiest foods. Eating single egg every day fills out your essential calorie and energy. Egg’s yoke contains high protein that maintains nutrition need. If morning starts with an egg all day long goes with high energy that prevents laziness, nausea and nerve-deficiency. In many ways, an egg can be prepared like poach, fry, boil. Add olive oil, garlic, spicy, basil or mint.


Salad is most favorite delicious food for your breakfast. Whatever you prepare for breakfast you can add vegetable salad to get an extra taste. Cucumber salad, apple salad, orange salad, nut salad, lettuce salad are called best salad items for accomplishing your best breakfast.

Grapefruit Juice:

Many studies show that a single glass of grapefruit juice can add joy to your whole day energy. It brings extra energy, carbohydrate and burns off fat.

Wheat Bread:

In the very morning taking some wheat bread can store extra carbohydrate and protein. It’s one kind of heavy foods that easily absorbed in the body.

Cow Milk:

Cow milk is the best protein maker in the body. Wheat bread and milk at a time can be said heavy energy meal in the morning. Its digestion process easy and instantly provides energy. It preserves energy for future use. It builds bone growth and prevents bone fragility.

Hot Coffee:

Hot coffee definitely is the best drink at breakfast. Its caffeine level preserves energy instantly in the whole body. Though magical benefit knows all, it can prevent nausea, laziness and headache.

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