Exercise benefits

Exercise benefits you should feel

Helps boost energy-

Ever have a really great workout and then feel even more energized after you were done? That’s because exercise is a wonderful energy booster, and more energy equals increased levels of happiness.

Exercise increases dopamine in the brain-

Dopamine is a chemical in the brain that’s associated with feelings of happiness and pleasure . And exercise is one of the best ways to increase your brain’s dopamine production, giving you that much-needed mood improvement.

Lowers anxiety and depression-

Recent studies have shown that people who suffer from anxiety and depression can achieve long-term relief from exercising and its mood-boosting benefits.

Reduces stress-

An exercise is a form of low-level stress itself and the more you subject yourself to the “stress of working out, the better your body will adapt to handling other kinds of stress.

Promotes more  self-confidence-

There is nothing quite like having a good workout and then feeling a great sense of accomplishment. Exercising boosts your confidence by seeing your body transforming for the better.

Makes more social-

While all types of exercise are great for us, working out in groups is even better. Some studies have shown that people do better on aerobic tests when working out with a partner, and working out and being around our friends generally makes us a happier bunch.

Leads better sleep-

Having sleep issues? Regular exercise has been shown to improve the sleep quality of people with sleeping disorders and we all know that better sleep equals a much happier you.

Makes more creative-

We’re all in a better mood when our creative juices are flowing and nothing boosts creativity quite like a great workout.

Makes more productive-

One study showed that people who make time for regular exercise are more productive at work than those who don’t, and when you’re doing well on the job, you’re generally a happier person too.

Slow downs cognitive decline-

Unfortunately the older we get, the less capable our brain functioning becomes. Studies have shown that regular exercise can help slow down that cognitive decline, aiding memory and learning in the process.

Boosts memory-

Various researchers have linked exercise with increased memory capabilities, so get in a great workout and start remembering those happy memories with even more clarity.

Makes more relaxed –

We know that exercise can help you sleep better, but it can also let you unwind after a hard day and be more relaxed too.

Helps to get addiction under control –

It’s been studied that exercise bursts can help in addiction recovery, and can distract people who have drug or drinking problems.

Helps enjoy the great outdoors-

Who wouldn’t enjoy a run among nature’s beauty as opposed to on a treadmill in a gym basement? Studies have shown that exercising outdoors can increase your self-esteem even more.

Increases your brain power-

It has been shown that getting in some good cardio can help to create new
brain cells, improving your overall brain performance.

Makes better coping skills-

When faced with difficult challenges in our life, some people turn to drugs and alcohol — while others turn to exercise, which can help you cope with your problems in a healthy and happy way. hg

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