Depression Symptoms and remedies

Depression Symptoms and remedies

Depression is a mental disorder that affects more than 12 million USA people. It depends on the discomfort of a whole body part. Human exposes their depression in many ways. Its effects vary from the emotional disorder, sadness, low self-esteem, workload and many things happen right when a human can’t define their everyday schedule of work. Physical depression symptoms appear in some common ways.

Digestion matters-

Stress and depression reduce the power of stomach that is why digestion process does not become well. It is proved that right when we feel depressed out digestion process is in off-mood that harms stomach and makes inflammation into it. Ulcer develops into the stomach when human feel stressed or depressed. It keeps off all activities of the stomach to thwart digestion process.

Common depression symptoms-

  • Loss of confidence
  • Loss of interest in regular activities
  • Loss of concentration
  • Lost of same-hour sleep
  • Loss of physical and mental energy
  • Loss of control of negative thinking
  • Feeling angered and short-tempered
  • Change in food habit
Common symptoms may also include feelings of helplessness and hopelessness, anger or irritability, loss of energy, reckless behavior, loss of interest in daily activities, appetite or weight changes etc.

What will make you depressed?

Untimely sleeping-

Healthy life significantly depends on our healthy sleeping. The habit of sleeping timely can save our healthy life standard. Don’t be hopeless. Human lives on their hope and mental energy. Untimely sleeping may cause depression and mental irritation.

Body pain-

At high labor work, sometimes we feel body pain that particularly depends on the irregularity of working habit. Back pain or chest pain must be taken into care if goes increasingly. Pain like these may cause depression. Right, when we are in depressed mood our body organ reacts and do not work well.

Excessive fatigue-

Human body and mind do not permit to work while they are in a depressed mood. Excessive laziness needs long hours of sleeping. Sometimes long time sleeping may result in depression.

Conflict and quarrel-

There are different kinds of quarrel and conflict appears on human life that sometimes left unsolved and appear conflict in Personal life. This is the major problem in human life. Try to be far away from any conflicts you may fell depression. As far as possible you don’t engage in anything makes you stressed or uneasy. Try to solve or compromise mutually.

Major events in life-

In every human life, some events appear timely or untimely. You have been completed your graduation or engaged in marriage life without being financially healthy or divorce latter comes to your door. These kinds of major problems appear in life that may cause unnecessary depression. The person who is not engaged in major events is called depressed.

Excessive drugs and alcohol-

Drugs may serve people sometime in the enjoyable mood but finally, its effects on body and mind in the later time causes harm and depression. Chemically made drugs and alcohol are not fit for human stomach though they intake many times over their life. Excessive drugs intake may damage gut health. The person who takes excessive drugs may be depressed.

Natural remedies for depression:


Basil has a pleasing smell and various health benefits. Remedy preparation of basil leave is very easy.

  • Use one tablespoon basil for a single cup of water.
  • Boil the mixture with low temperature
  • Filtrate and take after few minutes


Cinnamon has a great property to ease a headache naturally. This amazing spicy remedy can ease a headache in a very short time. In the ancient time cinnamon is used to prevent a headache, cough, arthritis, sore throats and bad smell. Use cinnamon powder to make a paste and apply a little amount to the forehead. After than take half-hour rest on the bed to escape from an intolerable headache. Use light warm water to wash off your forehead. Your headache will be away.


Clove is known as a natural antioxidant, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory element. It has miracle power to prevent a headache.


Potassium-based food includes relief from an intolerable headache, blood pressure, kidney disorders, water balance, high anxiety. Banana contains high volume potassium that can sooth head-pain naturally.

You can also get a better mental health forum that may be helpful to reduce your mental illness.

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