children mental health to recognize

Children face many problems when they are growing physically and mentally. Parents try to take care of them with a new situation to outgrow their mental health.  Childhood care is the basement of their life. Be touched with them so they can learn something creative and that are sociable and beneficial to a country.

<<<Childhood is spent in the blink of an eye. As parents fill your baby’s childhood days in touch with you. Try to play with them, visit them your relative home or go somewhere for freshness. Make a relationship with love and faith.

<<<Teach your child honesty and responsibilities. Teach them to respect others. At all work, patience is a most important thing you should teach them. These all create a good environment and basement for your child.

<<<Children need education on how to make relationship with others. When your child is facing problem in playing ground help them to overcome problems. Show them how to respect the opinion of others.

<<<Teach your children time management at sleeping, playing and eating. Thus, they will learn how to manage valuable time.

<<<Teach your child on how to read books and gift funny books or fiction books. After reading any book ask the child how the book was to read and how its story thus they will learn language skills.

<<<Praise your child for any good deed even if it is tiny. Don’t talk to child harshly if they do bad thing rather explain to them on how to do in a right manner.

<<<When a child is growing they develop their own world that should not prevent to do again. If they do a very bad thing or event spend time to them to realize on why they do such thing. But do not disrespect children thus they learn how to revenge.

<<<Children can make thousand of questions with curious mind. Try to meet their curious demand instead of expressing a bad feeling to them. Don’t let the child be disappointed with bad feeling

<<<Don’t meet the all the unnecessary demand rather ask they why they want it. Just teach them to avoid bad things. Children may force their parent with unnecessary but never disrespect them Just to adore the child does not dominate over all time, this idea may lead your child reckless. Teach them on why they are governed.

<<<Always be cautious to select your child’s toys. Try to collect creative toys instead of buying a gun toy or any other toy that can teach them to revenge to others.

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