Better muscle building tips for men and women

Better muscle building tips and foods: Men and Women

Muscle Building is always a good idea for men who want to keep their body fit and alive. There are many muscle building trainers practicing since a long time. Muscle building leads men the unbelievable life leading standard.

Men pituitary gland is important for the natural growth of body; however, this natural production becomes slower when we are aging. When men reach more than forty, it starts to effect adversely on a body. Balding, weight gaining, weakening muscle are the most negative effects in that age for men body. Many people made big success on their body injecting hormone or in the form of tablets and pills. Having supplements into your body may result well and help build muscle. Actually, human growth hormone linked to natural energy and strength helps get a standard life.

Right foods for muscle building:

More protein more muscles, just keep in mind. At the time of practicing your body, foods are recommended to the extreme level of the body. Protein and nutrient dense foods lead to good muscle building form in short time. Include chicken, fish, almond, nuts, wheat bread, potatoes, eggs, vegetable and green food. If these types of food suit you then I can recommend keeping a go for these foods always. To build muscle fast you have to take a large quantity of protein on a regular basis.

Protein-rich food: 

  • Milk

    Milk is protein-rich liquid food item help build muscle naturally. Per 100g milk contains energy (60kcal), carbohydrate 5g, fat 3.10g, potassium 130mg, magnesium 9mg. Milk is one of the best protein-based food build bone and muscle. It is called the mother of nutrition.

  • Egg

    The egg is an excellent source of protein meets the needs of muscle therapy. To lead active lifestyle eat 5 eggs per week. It’s powerful protein repair muscle damage. Protein and calcium protect hair and nail health. Egg’s energy boosts up to fight against infections and keeps body fluid balanced. A large size egg contains 12 important vitamins and about 60 calories that manage protein needs.

  • Almond-

    Almond is one of the best nutrition dense seed food items contains high protein (21g) and energy (575kcal), calcium (265mg) and fat 49g. It can be prepared to eat as Almond milk, syrup or raw.

  •  Sea-fish- 

  • Tuna fish provides (200kcal) energy, protein (30g), calcium (13mg).
  • Salmon contains an excellent amount of protein, omega-3, B-12 , vitamin-D and rich source of energy.
  • Halibut is big-size salt fish contains protein, omega-3, vitamin-D, vitamin-B12.
  • Seeds-

  • Pumpkin seed contains rich amount of 550mg-magnesium, 787mg-potassium, 7mg-zinc, and 8mg-iron, and vitamin-k and 575kcal-energy, 51mg-calcium, 1170mg-phosphorous. These well-combined vitamins and minerals have high energy power to bolster muscle building.

  • Sunflower seed contain Energy 580kcal, essential fat 51mg, protein 20mg, calcium 77mg, magnesium 320mg. Sunflower seed is highly filled with essential vitamin and mineral would help boost up muscle growth. Its nutritional value reshapes muscle building while you are maintaining hectic gym schedule.
  • Sesame seed provides a rich amount of calcium for muscle and body building. Calcium is essential to every living for natural muscle growth and also absorbed naturally into a body. Its energy and minaret level help promote nervous system performance. If 100g of sesame seed is consumed provides about 570kcal energy. It also contains fiber content you need while you are maintaining gym practice.

  • Cottage Cheese

    Cottage cheese can be prepared to eat in many ways as for example: with fruits, cinnamon, tomato, toast, salad and many other spicy food items. It contains 98kcal-energy, 103mg-potassium; 82mg-calcium would help build muscle tissue.


Right way to exercise-

There are many wrong forms of exercise. Your exercise should be in the best form to get right shape on right time. Dumbbell, bench press, barbell squat, pull ups are basic things I mention. Such tools require more intensity and focusing on your body to move extra weight.

Barbell Squat –

  • Start bar-belling supports on upwards. (Chest must be upwards and head to forward.)
  • Descend barbell easily and flexibly knees.  (Skip moving backward your hip. Let your knees go forward.)
  • Contact upper leg to lower leg with reverse motion and continue weight lifting forward.


  • Grab pull bar with hands moving forward and using suggested grip. Make hands a wide distance that would be wider than your shoulder.
  • Pull your body upward until the bar being touched your chest drawing shoulders and upper arms down back.
  • After some seconds start to inhale oxygen and lower your body to the starting position.
  • Repeat this session as you get your prescribed routine.

Enough rest and sleep for Muscle Building :

You should take enough rest. Get minimum seven hours of regular sleep every night.  Also, you can be away for 1 day from your gym so your one week strength can be back to your body. So your rest time is your muscle building time. Rest and sleep are also helpful for weight loss. Don’t try to forget it on a regular basis.

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