natural food preservatives

Benefits of natural food preservatives

Food is the most essential for the survival, so food preservation is one of the oldest technologies used by human being to abstain from its spoilage. From long ago, natural food preservatives have been known and used to people. These are used in both cooked and raw food to improve the value of food so that aroma, taste and the food also can be stored for longer time.

Food preservation includes preventing the growth of fungi, bacteria and other micro-organisms although some process works by introducing benign bacteria or fungi to the food, in addition to decreasing the oxidation of facts which cause bad smelling. Food preservation may also involve processes that prevent deterioration, like the enzymatic reaction in apples after they are cut through food preparation. Different methods and ways have been made and boosted up for the purpose. Boiling, freezing & refrigerating, dehydrating, pasteurizing and pickling are the traditional view. Sugar, mineral salt are frequently used to preserve food naturally. Nuclear radiation is now being  used food preservatives.

Food Preservation is basically done for three reasons:

  • To preserve the appearance of food
  • To preserve the natural characteristics of food
  • To increase the skin value of food for storage.

Advantages of natural food preservatives:

Natural food preservatives are found in the kitchen of our homes. Many categories of natural food preservatives are salt, sugar, alcohol, vinegar and much more. These are the standard preservatives in food preparation that also made use of preparing pickles, jams and also juices etc. Also the cold, steaming, smoking, salting is taken into consideration for natural methods of protecting food. The coffee powder as well as soup are dried out and freeze-dried for preservation. In this area, the citrus food chemicals like citrus acid and ascorbic acid deal with enzymes and also interrupt their metabolic process that prevents food from putrefaction.

Sugar and salt are the latest healthy food preservatives that efficiently drops the growth of microorganisms in food. To preserve meat and fish, salt is still used to as a healthy food preservative.

Synthetic food chemicals are responsible for creating a respiratory  illness that is relating to heart, blood and various organs. If you have the problem of blood pressure and habit of eating more sugar and salt must skip them.

Disadvantages of food preservatives:

Excessive use of flavoring, sweetener,coloring may cause gut health problems. A majority of food additives and food preservatives are not made maintaining food-grade standard. Potassium bromate, sodium nitrate, propyl gallate, cyclamate are most powerful food preservatives that may cause critical health disease. Preservatives are mainly used to prevent spoilage and bacteria growth. So no need to use high powerful additives and preservatives.

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