Asthma symptoms and treatment

Coughing at night, during exercise and laughing, Chest tightness, a difficulty of breathing, shortness of breath, wheezing  are considered as common asthma symptoms.  Ginger is familiar with all as a natural remedy and spicy taste. Studies found that garlic prevents different types of inflammation. Asthma treatment requires natural therapy those are very effective and have a health benefit.

 Know the asthma symptoms

  • A frequent cough at night
  • Feeling of tiredness and drowsiness
  • Feeling of being upset and moody
  • Changes in lung function
  • Sign of runny nose and allergies
  • Breathe shortness or difficulty in breathing

Asthma treatment-

Ginger remedy preparation-

  1. Take ginger juice, honey and pomegranate juice equally and mix them. Now unbelievable home-remedy is ready to consume. Take this mixture 2 or 3 times in a day.
  2. A small amount of ginger you have to cut into pieces to add with boiling water. Let this mixture be cool down and drink.
  3. You can also mix ginger with a cup of water and one tablespoon mixture of ginger juice, and honey.
  4. Raw ginger is an anti-inflammatory content, just eat with salt.

Lemon remedy-

Lemon contains rich amount of vitamin C and antioxidant helps prevent asthma and clean lung. Vitamin C boosts immune system that fight against asthma occurrence.


  1. A half size lemon squeezes into a glass of water and drinks it in the very morning. It also fights against extra fat into your body.
  2. Another way, mix lemon juice with raw ginger and eat at least 1 time in a day.

Carom seed-

Carom seed is well known as the remedy for asthma. It cleans bronchial tube in the lung.


  1. One tablespoon of carom seed boil in water and inhale the vapor. This mixture is also edible.
  2. Another way, little amount of carom seeds twist in a cotton cloth. Place beside the burner or microwave oven for seconds. Just place on chest or neck until you feel easy.

Honey remedy-

Honey is oldest natural food and remedy for many disease and symptoms. Alcohol and ethereal content in honey fight against asthma.

  1. Inhaling the smell of honey accelerate positive results on asthma.
  2. Before sleep at night take one tablespoon of honey and cinnamon powder
  3. Take a glass of water and mix a few drops of honey. Just drink it 2 or 3 times in a day.


Figs contain respiratory health and sooth breathing problems.


  1. Take 3-4 normal size figs and wash out them in a cup of fresh water for whole night.
  2. In the very morning eat soaked water in empty stomach and eat all figs.
  3. Just continue this remedy for at least 2 months.
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