Acidity remedy: know life long care for heart burn

Gastric or Acidity remedy? Know your natural and life long care

Irregular living style and some unhygienic food causes gastric or acidity problems. People generally suffer from this common problem in daily life. It disrupts on our daily activities and let feel many symptoms of common disease. Those who suffer from gastric a little bit of careless manner make this problem. There are acidity remedy and therapies discovered.  Some naturally-grown food works as natural remedies to fight against gastric or acidity.

Though people feel normal during acid problem but it can affect in a longtime suffering. It can cause many other diseases such as heart-burn, stress, anxious, short-tempered, headache, insomnia, hair loss, acne, skin rash etc.   This uncomfortable felling would occur many times in day if not treated well.

In busy life there are many home-made remedies to fight for acidity. Home-made remedy is quite effective for this problem. You can easily prepare home-remedy that are recommended as healthy solution against acid recurrence.

Know your best home-remedy-

Cucumber as acidity remedy-

Cucumber is much more effective and healthy food item to keep the stomach cool. Its fiber boosts digestion power and reduces fat. Acidity is mainly occurred for not well digestion. Its antioxidant and fiber content cures gastric.


Yogurt makes digestion process easy and keeps away waste from stomach timely. It is one of the better appetizers sweet food item is popular to all. Yogurt also prevents high blood pressure.

Papaya as acidity remedy-

Papaya contains rich amount of fiber content helps release toxin and makes digestion process higher. Eating 3-4 times in a week would keep you away from this common symptom.


Use one tablespoon Cinnamon powder in glass of water and boil it. Drink this mixture 2-3 times in a day if acid problem is more. Even if you don’t have acidity you can also drink cinnamon powder in daily life to be free of acidity.


Cumin generally fights against acidity, vomiting, headache and many other health benefits   in it help promote healthy life. In fever 50g cumin you mix with sugarcane molasses as natural remedy. Take this 5 times in day when you are unable to fight unpleasant fever.


Clove is known as the spicy antioxidant and anti-septic, anti-inflammatory make you appetizer for food.  It prevents gastric problems naturally better than any other chemical medicine available in the pharmacy. Clove also fight for controlling diabetes, cancer, acne, liver, immune system and bone structure.

Psyllium seed-

Isapgol contains laxative content helps prevent constipation that is main reason occurs acidity in stomach. Only 1or 2 times in day with one glass of normal water surely keep beyond acidity problem. Isapgiol can be takes with light warm milk to get better result when you are suffering from intense acidity problem.

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