garlic benefits

22 garlic benefits for health and beauty

Garlic has benefits numerously to the human body. Garlic is considered as the best spicy and delicious food item all over the world. Its health benefits have a major role in human life. This delicious food item also has the power to boost up energy and power to fight against many symptoms and disease. Garlic is best for heart health and known as a painkiller.

1) Garlic plays a vital role in helping heart healthy and lower cholesterol level.

2) Increase blood c circulation. Protect veins from a fat building and from atherosclerosis disease.

3) Eliminate the problem of high blood pressure.

4) Garlic protects you from the problem of arthritis.

5) Respiratory flu and helps to release the problem.

.6) Garlic provides antibacterial content into the bad bacteria in the body

7) Garlic protects from tuberculosis.

8) Garlic works against various parts of the body’s pain.

9) It boosts up sexual energy and protects from many sexual diseases

10) Enhances digestion and constipation problems.

11) Garlic prevents colon cancer.

12) Garlic keeps free of gallbladder cancer.

13) Garlic contains rich amount of antioxidant reduces the risk of breast cancer.

14) Helps out the blood clotted in veins.

15) Increase   appetite and keep nausea away.

16) Destroy harmful bacteria inside the body.

17) Keep eyesight normal

18) Release pain in the hands, feet, joint, and arthritis.

19) Garlic helps control diabetes.

20) Relieve infection away in any area.

21) Garlic helps cure tooth pain.

22)  Garlic keeps away acne problem.

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