The Tendonitis Treatment of Diet

The foods you put into your body can you have a drastic impact on your overall inflammation levels, some helping you heal more quickly and obstruct injuries, while other triggers swelling and delay recovery.

Some of the most healing anti-inflammatory foods that you want to regularly eat involve-

Vegetables, especially leafy greens

Veggies are loaded with antioxidants that fight oxidative pressure, one of the primary causes of inflammation.

High-quality “clean” proteins

Protein is significant to helping repair broken-down tissue throughout the body.


Berries are packed with vitamin C that helps with realignment collagen, a vital component of tissues.

High-potassium and magnesium foods

Potassium can speed healing, and magnesium is important for muscle recovery, healthy circulation and helping you get good rest.

Broth of Bone

Bone broth naturally apprehends collagen which is beneficial for healing tendons, since it’s actually what helps develop tissue within the body.

Pro-inflammatory foods to avoid-

Alcohol and caffeine

Alcohol can be on the increase inflammation and promote bone is a loss, as can caffeine that contains certain compounds that bind to calcium.

Sodium and salt

Sodium counteracts potassium, and too much contributes to the loss of important nutrients from your body that needed to facilitate the healing process.

Sugar and refined grains

High levels of added sugar can reduce immune function, Slow down wound healing and increase inflammation.

Hydrogenated oils and fried foods

Refined oils are known to cause inflammation.

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